How To Join & Share Whatsapp Group Links

Hi friends, here i guide you how to join & share your whatsapp group link to your friends and relatives in easy way. This way you get more new friends in your group. What’s app is most popular in the android users. Whatsappis easy way to communicate to each other. If you want how to add someone on whatsapp group or you want to join other group then try this method. You see some people share their whatsapp group link on Facebook . I also posted HOW TO REMOVE ALL MEMBERS OF A GROUP OF FACEBOOK IN A SINGLE TIME.

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Join & Share Whatsapp Group Links Easy Tricks

I think you heard this feature before anywhere if not then see this feature how to create an invitation on whatsappby my way. Now i will explore all steps, step wise, for creating whatsapp group link to invite in our group we use app GB whatsapp, this app will helps us with many more option, with this app you run two whatsapp in a time, you can hide your status, call record and much more. It is full of features and powerful. So learn how to create whatsapp group link.

Whatsapp Group Link

Advantage Of Whatsapp Group Link

Making a group whatsapp link have many advantage. We show you some check it out

  • Every person can join your group with the help of a simple link, admin permission not require in this trick.
  • In this trick we save our time because no need to save contact before join group.
  • Any one can join without approval
  • We make many type of groups and make friends like group theme as whatsapp group for single, join whatsapp music group, whatsapp group for dating, whatsapp friends etc.

There are some disadvantage too that anyone can join  and spam it but don’t worry if you are admin then you can revoke this group link, like this anyone can not join your group when ever you want. This is the way you safe from spammers.

How to create Whatsapp Group Join Link

You want some extra friends in your group. But how to invite a friend on whatsapp. Then you need to create a whatsapp group link, in which many people join your whatsapp group. I will guide you to create whatsapp group join link follow it step wise. If you want to join some one’s group then view whatsapp group join me. We use Gb whatsapp  to create it is a whatsapp modified version it is specially for dual account. For detail of gb whatsapp read it, i posted GB Whatsapp A New Version Of Whatsapp.

  • First download and install GB whatsapp Download

create Whatsapp Group Join Link

  • Now verify your mobile no.
  • After completing installation open it and go to menu
  • Then click on Group info
  • After it click on add participant icon

Join & Share Whatsapp Group Links

  • Now click on invite to group via link and after it copy given link
  • At last send that link to other’s people, it is a invitation for whatsapp link

Who click on this link and accept invitation that person will be able to send or receive messages in that group. Some people think that is whatsapp safe from group invite link whatsapp. Yes it is safe and admin can handle his security. So create invite link whatsapp.

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Final Words-

This is the easiest way to create whatsapp group joining link . Like this any person can join your group via your whatsapp group link join list. Maximum member limit is 256 in one group after it your group link is not able to join  any person, so remember it. Like this you use Indian whatsapp group links list and enjoy this trick. If you found any problem then write to me. thank’s for reading this post, for more post like this subscribe now.

ShowBox APK Download for Android – ShowBox App Latest Version 5.05 (Updated and Ads Free)

Latest Versions are ShowBox 5.05, 5.04, 5.03 5.02, 5.01, ShowBox 4.53, 4.96, 5.14 and 5.34. All Updated with the latest movies and TV shows. All the versions listed on our site are ads free, so that you get a seamless movie watching experience without those annoying pop ups and advertisements. Please support the application development on Patreon, so that we can continue developing the app and add new features in the future.


Pretty sure you have come looking for a free movies app, and have thus landed on our site. We are the official home of the infamous ShowBox App, with over 1 million daily users. We help you seamlessly stream HD movies and TV shows of all genres, at $0 / month. Yeah, you’ve heard that right. ShowBox is 100% FREE of cost. Ever felt tired (frustrated is the right word, perhaps?) of paying 10-15 bucks each month, on a weekend night, trying to find that movie or show you’ve been wanting to watch for a while and getting to know that it’s not available in the library of your streaming app?

showbox apk 4.91

ShowBox APK – The Free Movies App (ShowBox App for Android)


We can feel you brothers and sisters. That’s why we have worked so hard over the years to build an app that lets users streaming all the classical as well as latest movies and TV shows in HD prints. ShowBox, as of writing this article, has a collection of more than 12k movies and 2k TV shows, ranging from the Scarface to the latest Just League movie from DC. You name it, there’s a 90% probability we have it in our damn library. We take great proud in that.

Cutting to the ground, we have made the ShowBox APK interface as easy and user friendly as possible (If you have suggestions about how we can improve it further, please contact us at dev at showbox-apk dot com). We’ve got a homepage where all the trending movies and series are shown. If you want to just watch anything, this is a good place to find good stuff to watch. Other than that, you can choose between movies and TV shows from the left menu, and filter your results based on different genres. We also have an option to keep track of your favorite movies and shows. You can find your collections in the “Favorites” section in the left menu as well. This also help us to curate results on the the homepage based on your selections.


There’s an option to download movies and TV shows for free, with 4 different video quality selection options, i.e. 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p. 4K is also available for a few particular movies and TV shows. However, we are trying to bring more and more of 4K stuff this year. So, in short, ShowBox makes it easy to watch your favorite jams in places where there’s no WIFi or even cellular signal. Just download it using your home network, and you can keep it on your smartphone or tablet as long as there’s sufficient storage available on the device. ShowBox rocks, eh? Anyway, you can find your downloaded content in the “Downloads” section, which can be accessed using the left menu.


You can use the “Updates” section to see if there are any updates (new episodes) available for your desired shows. Makes life even simpler. In there, you can also check if there are updates available to the app version.

Also, there’s no registration involved in the process of you downloading our app and watching that movie or show you desire. Just download the latest APK file from the link below, and you are good to go. Straight away open the app and watch whatever you want for free. Head over to the download section for links to the ShowBox App APK file versions for different platforms.

ShowBox APK Features in a Jiffy

  • ShowBox App is a 100% free movie streaming platform on Android
  • A library of over 12,000+ movies and 2000+ TV shows
  • In-built movie downloader
  • HD content streaming, 4K in beta
  • Music Videos (beta)
  • Personalized library to bookmark movies and shows
  • Revolutionary, yet very user friendly UI
  • Daily updates, new movies and series are uploaded almost everyday
  • Fast servers across all parts of the world (fastest in the US and UK)
  • Weekly bug fixes to address problems faced by users
  • No registration required – Install and watch straight away
  • Easy and smart search algorithm
  • Quick sorting and filtering by Genres
  • Various available video qualities – 360p to 1080p & 4K
  • Error free and Ad free

ShowBox APK Download – Links

All the cool stuff are right here:


There are many versions of ShowBox that are available for Android devices and the upgradation procedure is being done constantly in order to implement few modifications and changes with every version. New features are also being added on regular basis, so you can get yourself geared up with the best movie streaming app for non-stop entertainment. Here are all the versions (order: from latest to the oldest down the list) of the ShowBox App APK that are being used most, and most loved by the ShowBox community:

Current Version: ShowBox 5.05
File Size: 38.75 MB
Released on: 15th May, 2018

ShowBox APK Latest Version 5.14 Download – Link Coming out Soon!

ShowBox 5.34 .apk (newest version of 2018 releasing soon) – Download will be Available at the End of June 2018.

ShowBox 5.14 APK File – Download Link

ShowBox APK 5.05 – Latest Version – Download Here

ShowBox APK 5.04 – Download Link

ShowBox APK 5.03 – Download Link

ShowBox App APK 5.02 – Download Link

ShowBox APK 5.01 – Download Link

ShowBox APK 5.0 – Download Link

ShowBox APK 4.96 – Download Link

ShowBox 4.94 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.93 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.92 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.91 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.90 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.82 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.81 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.80 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.73 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.72 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.71 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.70 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.69 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.68 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.66 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.65 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.64 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.61 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.53 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.52 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.51 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.50 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.27 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.25 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.24 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.23 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.22 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.19 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.16 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.11 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.10 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.09 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.08 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 4.04 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 3.84 APK – Download Link

ShowBox 3.10 APK – Download Link

Other Helpful ShowBox App APK Links

ShowBox for PC and Mac

How to Stream ShowBox App to Chromecast

How to Download ShowBox for Kindle Fire and Fire Tablet

ShowBox for Xbox 360 and Xbox One

ShowBox for BlackBerry

ShowBox for iPhone and iPad

ShowBox for Windows Phone

How to Download and Install ShowBox APK on an Android Device?

  • On your Android smartphone / tablet, go to “Settings -> Security” and Enable the “Unknown Sources” option. If you are running Android Oreo (or later), you don’t have to do this. Starting from Oreo, this has been turned into a permission which will be popped up everytime you try to install an external application. .
  • Open your web browser (preferably Chrome), and download the latest ShowBox APK from here.
  • Once downloaded, just open the .APK file and tap on “Install” and you’re all set.
  • Now just go to your home screen and open ShowBox App.
  • Enjoy unlimited free movies and TV shows.

If you are seeing that Server A or B is missing in the app, or getting this error “Video Not Available. Try Another Server“, just follow these steps to fix the problem:


  • This error occurs when geo-blocking of users outside US and UK is set in the parameters. So, all you have to is to download a fast Virtual Private Network like PIA or NordVPN. It also helps you to stay anonymous on the internet, and prevent getting your IP and identity traced by unknown parties.
  • Open the VPN app on your phone, and connect to a US based server.
  • Go to “Settings -> Apps -> ShowBox -> Storage” and perform “Clear Data” & “Clear Cache“
  • All done. Now open the app, and you should see all the servers to stream from.
  • Enjoy unlimited free movies and shows!

If you are facing any kind of problem / error, please contact our development team at “dev @ showbox-apk dot com”. And if you’ve got a request for a movie or show to be added to the library, please use our request form.

Help the Cause

ShowBox is a 100% free application. And as it is a very popular app (with an estimated user base of more than 30 million every month), we need servers to help you stream seamlessly and fast. There are a lot of on-going costs in this operation, and we often run short on funds for this, causing server errors for you guys. We’d really appreciate it if you could donate something to help develop and grow the app even more. You can donate anything, even an one dollar bill, and we will feel like getting showered with your love. Please contact us at “ryan @” for more information. Once again, thank you for being a ShowBox App APK user and a part of the movie community.